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  • Grace

    What a wonderful gift- the owner included information on each item so you can make a well informed decision on what to pick for your personalized gift box, shipping was a breeze, and the product were stellar quality! Very very happy!!

  • Tania

    Amazingly quick shipping! Grateful to have the option to add a personalized note. No complaints with quality of products so far!

  • Vineeta

    Amazing product. Love the build your own feature and everything smelled devine! I bought this as a gift so I didnt get to try the products but from what i could see, this is a "spoil you silly on a self care spa day" kind of treat. Would definitely recommend

  • Lauren

    Absolutely wonderful. The recipient cried with how beautiful everything was put together and the sentiment behind it. Thank you so much!

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Tender Heart Gift Co. is a project created in my father's honour.

The idea for this business came to me one day during a highly emotional time. I was in a card shop trying to pick out a Father's day card for what was going to be my dad's last Father's day. After a long battle with cancer, he was near the end of palliative care. As I sifted through the many cards I burst into tears and ran out of the store. Feeling embarrassed as I couldn't keep it together, I was also feeling frustrated as there just wasn't any kind of appropriate card for the situation and thought to myself "sometimes there are no words" and later that day decided to create my own that said exactly that. Feeling that so many others could probably relate I decided to create a line of cards that were simple yet heartfelt, which became Tender Heart Gift Co.'s signature line.

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