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Lavender Gift Set

Lavender Gift Set

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This mini gift box is for the lavender lover! Each gift set includes:

Soothing Body Butter.  This butter is great for so many uses.  Its non greasy and is ultra hydrating. Wonderful for hand cream, stretch marks, or all over moisturizing, especially in the winter months. All natural and pure enough to use on a baby's bottom. Lightly scented with lavender essential oil. A little goes a long way! 2oz

Nourishing organic bar soap. This soap gives a lovely moisturizing lather and scented with lavender essential oil. Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Lavender SachetA little gift that keeps on giving! Our ‪‎lavender‬ ‎sachets‬ will delight your senses for at least one year, if not longer! Keep under your pillow, in your office desk, in your bag, place in your drawer, closet, under your pillow – anywhere you wish to add a touch of soothing and calming lavender aroma.

Now and again give the sachet a gentle squeeze to release the natural lavender essential oils for a long-lasting, natural scent.

Comes in kraft gift box with box seal ready to gift! Box measures 5x5x3 inches.

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